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Argentinian Embassy Spotlights Women Artists

By Jared Gans

More than 50 people gathered at the Embassy of Argentina on June 5 to celebrate the opening of the “Women in the Arts” exhibit, which will be open throughout the summer. The work of seven female Argentinian artists who live in the U.S. was on display to recognize the importance of women’s artistic contributions to Argetinian culture.

The ceremony was the third art opening the embassy has hosted this year, but it is the first one dedicated entirely to women. The pieces ranged from paintings to a sculpture to a quilt and explored different subject matter, but they all shared their vision through abstract, non-objective art.

Four of the seven artists attended the opening to meet with guests and explain what inspired their work and their careers.

Claudia Tordini, for example, has an eclectic background that includes both art and business, providing coaching and consulting services on family wealth and inheritance planning in addition to her artistic career.

Claudia Tordini
Claudia Tordini’s “Four Seasons” represents the stages she experienced in her fight against breast cancer. Photos: Embassy of Argentina

She described her battle with breast cancer and explained that her painting, “Four Seasons,” represents the stages she experienced in her fight.

“This is a recollection of the whole experience of everything that passed, a metaphor about the four seasons,” she told the audience.

She said the fall is the beginning of her journey, the cancer diagnosis, and the winter follows with surgery and treatment. But eventually, “you start to heal and flourish again so that’s spring.”

She said that when she reached the summer, where she is cancer-free and puts the other seasons behind her, she came out more appreciative of life and enjoying each day more.

“In my writing I say, ‘The summer is here. It doesn’t go away. We’re not going back through the seasons.’ That is the idea of my painting,” Tordini said.

Paula Meninato
Paula Meninato’s “Tearing Myself Apart” is among the pieces on display in “Women in the Arts,” a new exhibition at the Embassy of Argentina.

Felisa Federman, who studied weaving, handmade paper and fiber construction in Buenos Aires, encouraged observers to become “active participants” in learning more about her work.

She said she includes “everyday objects” in her pieces to ensure that viewers can understand the “atmosphere of the painting,” but the remaining parts of interpreting her artwork are left up to each viewer based on their individual perspective and interpretation.

“It could be completely different because it depends on your experience, your background and your taste,” Federman said.

For Alexandra Arata’s “Bound Together,” the artist based the piece on the current atmosphere of division and political turmoil in Argentina to emphasize the necessity of women working together to achieve common goals.

“We as women need to stick together. We need to work together to build some good future,” Arata said, noting that the colors of the Argentinian flag, blue and white, inspired the colors in her piece.

Liliana Life said her artwork is only partly based on her life.

“The work that I have here today has to do with my memories and my thoughts about the past, the past of Argentina, the past of Spain and the past of my life,” said Life, who studied in Buenos Aires and Philadelphia.

Although she has lived in the United States for many years, the Argentina-born artist said it was the love of her homeland’s countryside that influenced her vision.

Federman concluded the presentation by voicing appreciation for the embassy for hosting the event and everyone who attended the reception.

“Without your help, we wouldn’t be here,” she said.

For more information on the exhibition, visit: http://eeeuu.cancilleria.gob.ar/en/women-arts-artists.


Jared Gans is an editorial intern for The Washington Diplomat.




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